Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


SPINO - Versatile telecommunication solution suitable for nanosatellites and Cubesats.

SPINO is a versatile telecommunication solution suitable for nanosatellites and Cubesats. Operating in UHF and VHF bands, it features tight integration with amateur radio service and the worldwide amateur radio community. The SPINO SC board will be a pre-validated open source brick available off the shelf for any nanosatellites mission. The development of the SPINO SC board was initiated by enthusiats involved in non-profit / educational space projects. Since 2019, the project is supported by the joint efforts of two non-profit organizations: AMSAT-Francophone ( and the hackerspace Electrolab ( Thanks to the support provided to "UVSQ-SAT" mission by the amateur radio community (data collection, ground segment support, spectrum coordination support...), LATMOS offered to integrate this experimental board into its new satellite "INSPIRE-Sat 7” as an additional payload. The SPINO SC board features functions dedicated to the spacecraft infrastructure: Receiver function for remote control commands from ground… Managed or Autonomous beacon (support for OBC failure) Data stream (uplink and downlink) Antenna deploy support And functions dedicated to the amateur radio community: a versatile digital transponder a digital mailbox service A SPINO Groundstation Control Software is also part of the project By the way, the goal is to maximize compatibility (standardized interfaces with UART, I2C, SPI, CAN FD, and standardizerd PC-104 "like" form factor), and maximize reliability (wide supply voltage range, fail-safe on key points, low power consumption, especially in idle to face failure situations). SPINO SC operates in the Amateur Radio service bands, and features two full transceivers :

VHF : TX (+30dBm) and RX 144-146MHz UHF : TX (+27dBm) and RX 430-440MHz


Christophe Mercier