Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Empowering FreeIPA: a dive into the modern WebUI

The FreeIPA is considered one of the most popular Open Source integrated Identity and Authentication manager solution. As a tool that has been in the Linux ecosystem for many years, its graphic environment and its functionality to effectively manage the IPA operations through the WebUI have suffered the ravages of age… until now.

Join us for a comprehensive overview of the modernized WebUI and its development process. We will speak about, not only the motivations behind this modernization, but also explore the new implementation approach using React + PatternFly5 + Cypress, the design principles, and its enhanced features. Because a change of look has never had so much to talk about!


Photo of Francisco Triviño García Francisco Triviño García
Photo of Carla Martínez Poveda Carla Martínez Poveda