Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


NeoDateFix - A solution to organising meetings in Matrix

NeoDateFix is an open source application to create and manage video conference meetings in Matrix clients that support the Widget API.

It supports the following features:

  • Schedule video conference meetings as new Matrix rooms.
  • Schedule recurring meetings.
  • Share a public link to the room to invite other participants.
  • Enable default widgets and layout that should be used in the meeting rooms
  • Create breakout sessions to split the participants of a meeting into new rooms.
  • Provide an API for other applications to create meetings e.g. from a groupware application.

The application consists of different components:

  1. A bot that uses the Matrix Bot SDK to create and manage meeting rooms.
  2. A widget that uses the Matrix Widget API to interact with the bot and to read the meeting information from the Matrix rooms.
  3. An optional service that removes meeting rooms when they are no longer used.

Our talk will take a deep dive into each of these three components, showing how we have used the Matrix protocol and its features to build this productivity tool that is part of the openDesk open source software suite.


Photo of Milton Moura Milton Moura
Photo of Norgin jafar Norgin jafar
Mikhail Aheichyk