Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


An in-depth look at JFR in GraalVM and how it compares to JFR in OpenJDK

GraalVM Native Image is a technology that allows users to transform their Java programs into ahead-of-time compiled executables. However, until recently, Native Image was missing a key tool that Java developers use to gain insight into what an application is doing: JDK Flight Recorder. JFR has been re-implemented in Native Image so that it can be included with executables and behave with a similar experience to JFR in OpenJDK. In this presentation, we'll peel back the layers and give you a tour of some of the most vital parts of JFR's inner workings in Native Image. At various points, we'll stop and draw comparisons to how JFR is implemented in OpenJDK.

From this presentation, listeners will get exposure to some of the unique challenges to developing low-level implementations for Java-on-Java and ahead-of-time compiled applications. They will also gain a better understanding of how key JFR components work under-the-hood.


Photo of Robert Toyonaga Robert Toyonaga