Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Codebase Conquest: How Nx Turbocharged Our React Workflow

In this talk, I'll share my firsthand experience in leading the migration of Hasura's substantial React codebase to Nx, a journey marked by strategic decisions and innovative solutions. We'll explore why Nx emerged as the preferred choice over other tools, delving into its unique advantages for our project needs. I'll also walk you through our approach to executing this complex migration seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted development workflow for our team. The session will highlight the tangible benefits we reaped from this transition, including drastic improvements in build times and overall development efficiency. Join me to learn about the challenges, decisions, and triumphs of transforming a large-scale React project with Nx, offering insights and inspiration for your own technology endeavors.


Photo of Nicolas Beaussart-Hatchuel Nicolas Beaussart-Hatchuel