Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Single binary, full-stack provisioning

Mgmt is a real-time automation tool that is written in go(lang).

It implements a DSL (domain specific language) that allows you to build fancy automation solutions. With this tool and DSL, I'll demo how I built a full, single-binary provisioning solution so that you can use your own laptop to bootstrap an entire infrastructure. Thanks to the go(lang) static compilation, it makes it very easy to have a single binary that includes tftp, dhcp and http servers, it can run a pxe boot and OS kickstart, and it can even rsync a local mirror to run an offline installation from.

We'll take you through a tour of all the plumbing that needed to be changed to support this. We'll show lots of real-time demos to keep everyone entertained.

I'll talk about the long journey it took to get us here, and how you can get involved.


Photo of James (purpleidea) James (purpleidea)