Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Building Communities with Science!

Many who work in community management and development can see the process as a bit of an art form. Working with communities requires lots of soft skills of communicating with many different types of stakeholders, making decisions that represent lots of people, and managing relationships. On top of all of this, systematically growing a community can be difficult. In this talk, I will discuss how Open@RIT has utilized evidence based methodologies to work with open source projects to not only better facilitate maintenance of open source projects, but also to systematically determine what resources (both human and technical) are needed in order to grow and maintain open source communities. You can expect to hear about methods for funding and executing this type of work, attitudes and initiatives that we have found most helpful, and stories from our own experience to help you guide yours.


Photo of Mike Nolan Mike Nolan
Photo of Stephen Jacobs Stephen Jacobs