Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Breaking Barriers: Content Management Systems and Accessibility

Accessibility is a key requirement in modern web applications — not only because of new legislative requirements (like the European Accessibility Act), but because it is also a human right and a cornerstone of an inclusive society.

This presentation aims to shed light on the on the different kinds of barriers a user might encounter in a modern web application (especially in the context of the "usual suspects" of content management systems like Wordpress or TYPO3), and also show that there are some barriers that all users may encounter, regardless of their physical or mental ability. Instead, some barriers may arise from the technology available to a user (who possibly only has access to a low-end device, works with a spotty network connection or does not have access to a required input device), the education of a user, their language comprehension and many other factors. We will explore key accessibility principles to allow users to overcome these barriers and share real-world practical examples to illustrate the impact of accessible design on user experience and inclusivity.

We will provide actionable strategies for developers and UX designers to enhance accessibility working with or on these CMS frameworks. Attendees will gain insights into optimizing software and content for diverse user needs, ensuring compliance with global accessibility standards and regulatory requirements (like the European Accessibility Act), and leveraging the latest technologies to create a more inclusive digital landscape.


Photo of Martin Helmich Martin Helmich
Photo of Lukas Fritze Lukas Fritze