Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


An introduction to Image Builder: building up-to-date, customised operating system images the easy way

Image builder is a tool that builds bespoke operating system images in a manner that is reliable and well-defined.

Image builder supports the Fedora, CentOS Stream, and RHEL distributions for a host of target platforms such as bare metal, QEMU, vSphere and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

It can build rpm ostree based images or "plain" dnf. It is shipped in a variety of ways: as a CLI tool, a cockpit plugin or a hosted service. We will take a look at the basic concepts, some of the features, and a new initiative targeted towards the Fedora community.

Tired of your duct taped collection of scripts to build your images? Consider image builder!


Photo of Sanne Raymaekers Sanne Raymaekers