Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


The Good Governance Handbook: Enabling good OSS usage through OSPOs

OSPOs (Open Source Program Offices) are on the rise: from private companies, to public administrations and academia, organisations now often have someone or a team dedicated to open source topics. The idea behind an OSPO is not only to secure open source assets; it's also about being a good citizen, contributing back, and become an active part of the community and ecosystem.

The OSPO Alliance published in 2021 the first version of the Good Governance Handbook, a method and framework to help organisations define and build their OSPO. It proposes a list of 25 good practices, from identification of open source assets to HR contracts and community participation, all packed with practical advice and resources from experienced practitioners. We also provide a deployment feature to start your own OSPO in less than 10mn using GitLab.

During this session, we will present the latest version of the GGI Handbook (v1.2), how it helps both organisations and the open source community, and start a discussion about how we can help them -- public sector, academia, NGOs, private orgs.. -- become better citizens, adopt good practices and contribute back to our ecosystem.


Photo of Boris Baldassari Boris Baldassari