Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Modern editing experiences you can build in your CMS

Learn how we built powerful and modern content-management features into Wagtail CMS, such as: live preview as you edit, revisions, live/draft versions, and content moderation for arbitrary database models – not just pages!

Wagtail is an open source, Django-powered Content Management System (CMS). It is built on the concept of pages as tree-structured database models. In recent years, its content management features have been extracted to not only work on page models, but any arbitrary database model.

We will explore how these features work and how they were implemented in Wagtail. We will also discuss how they can fit in other CMSs.

This talk does not require any pre-existing knowledge about Django and Wagtail CMS, though familiarity with content management systems and basics of object-relational mapping is expected.


Photo of Sage Abdullah Sage Abdullah