Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Agama: Low-Code Web Identity Orchestration

Web authentication is more complex then ever. While out-of-the-box 2FA features are helpful, sometimes developers need to customize authentication flows to meet specific business requirements, like registration, credential recovery, or adaptive security to step-up authentication based on risk scores. All IDPs have some kind of black magic to implement customizations--normally some script or code interface. But at the Janssen Project, we saw how hard it is to write, maintain and transfer this custom authentication code, and we wanted something more re-usable. So in early 2021, we introduced Agama, a low-code programming language to simplify the development of web identity journeys. Agama defines a standard way to build web identity journeys in a potentially vendor-neutral way. It’s both a programming language and a project archive format. In 2023, Gluu launched Agama Lab, a free developer tool. Agama Lab takes low code to a new level by enabling developers and architects to graphically white board identity journeys and to release deployable Agama archives directly to a GitHub repository. The Agama Lab Explore Catalog enables developers to fork working projects and adapt them more specific business requirements. Low code may seem silly--yes you can also just write the code. But low code can reduce the time to knowledge-transfer customizations to the next team. And graphical tools faciliate communciation with the non-identity team to help explain the various flows and how they relate.


Photo of Michael Schwartz Michael Schwartz