Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Moving a step closer to defining Open Source AI

A fast-paced workshop where you'll be asked to co-design a piece of the Open Source AI Definition. The Open Source Initiative is inviting developers of AI and users to find the principles of Open Source applied to AI systems.

Finding an agreement on what constitutes Open Source AI is the most important challenge facing the free software (also known as open source) movement. European regulation already started referring to "free and open source AI", large economic actors like Meta are calling their systems "open source" despite the fact that their license contain restrictions on fields-of-use (among other things) and the landscape is evolving so quickly that if we don't keep up, we'll be irrelevant.

The session will have a short introduction to the project, which started mid-2023, followed by a summary of the most current draft of the Definition. The bulk of the session will be an assignment for the audience: to review the draft Definition and provide comments. The responses will be used as feedback to release a new draft.


Photo of Stefano Maffulli Stefano Maffulli