Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Upstream and downstream, best friends forever?

Integrating the upstream and downstream world is hard. Isn’t it?

“No extra file in my git!” “I have my own script and it works the best for my use case!”

Have you heard sentences like these?

When working on Packit (upstream integration for Fedora Linux), we’ve collected various complaints and excuses why people don’t want to integrate upstream and downstream. For example: “we don’t care about users from that distro”, “RPM is complicated”, or “Fedora packaging workflow is hard”.

During the talk, we will go through these and provide suggestions on what you can do in such situations and how to bring the best benefit both to developers and maintainers.

The talk is suitable for people working on any integration between upstream projects and developers, but also for curious people on both sides to understand the benefit of collaboration.


Photo of František Lachman František Lachman