Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Enhancing Linux Accessibility: A Unified Approach

Join us for a discussion aimed at supporting Linux distribution developers in enhancing accessibility. As blind software engineers, we believe we can bring a unique perspective to this essential endeavor. We'll explore the challenges faced by blind users when using the Linux desktop environment, with a focus on constructive solutions. We will discuss two main topics: lack of preinstalled assistive technologies and accessibility problems of basic components of desktop environments. Our goal is to offer guidance and encouragement to developers, empowering them to create more inclusive experiences for all users. In our vision for the ideal accessibility scenario, Linux distributions seamlessly accommodate the needs of blind users. To achieve this, we'll stress the importance of collaboration among developers and upstream projects, ensuring that accessibility becomes a fundamental consideration in the development process. Additionally, we'll introduce the "Linux Accessibility Guide", a valuable resource that can assist developers in making graphical applications more accessible. This guide will offer practical insights and best practices to support their efforts. Join us as we embark on a journey to improve the accessibility of Linux distributions, fostering an environment where accessibility is a shared goal, benefiting blind users and the entire Linux community. Together, we can create a more accessible and inclusive Linux desktop experience.


Vojtech Polasek
Lukáš Tyrychtr