Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Introduction to BlissLabs and Bliss OS

BlissLabs: 1) Introduce BlissLabs, what it is, what it represents and what projects are under our org 2) Go over the mission and vision of the non-profit org 3) Introduce the projects BlissLabs has under its wings 4) Touch on the diversity and impact in the community 5) describe our process and how we support subprojects

Bliss OS: 1) Introduce Bliss OS (Android for x86 hardware) and go over what it is and how it works and what are some of the use-cases 2) Go over the statistics (downloads, retention, etc) 3) Go over use-cases, applications & features 4) Review the OSS project structure around Bliss OS 5) Describe licensing and touch on how funding works 6) Review milestones and achievements 7) Where to view/download Demo 8) Go over announcements and future visions for Bliss OS (Announcement) 9) Community engagement & opportunities

Closing: 1) Where to find us: Bliss Labs - Website Bliss OS - Website Bliss OS Source - Android 9-12.1 Bliss OS Source - Android 13+ Bliss Bass Source - Android 12+


Photo of Jon West Jon West