Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure with Ceph across the Cloud-Edge Continuum

The cloud-edge continuum encompasses a diverse range of infrastructures with varying sizes, performance levels, energy consumption profiles, and resource constraints. Within edge nodes, constrained resources may require the use of hyperconverged storage solutions. OpenNebula has recently integrated Ceph as the foundational SDS solution for these edge deployments. This innovation enables the dynamic deployment of nodes through orchestrated infrastructure provisioning (based on Terraform), autoconfiguration of Ceph and virtualization subsystems (through Ansible), and cloud-edge management (using OpenNebula). This presentation discusses the seamless integration of these components to automate edge location management and to provision additional edge nodes in multi-provider edge cloud environments, highlighting the effectiveness of Ceph as an edge storage solution and showcasing a live technical demonstration of this innovative open source model.


Photo of Victor Palma Victor Palma