Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Introducing Incus

Incus is the latest project in the system containers and virtual-machine space. It came to life as a fork of Canonical's LXD project after Canonical decided to reclaim full ownership of LXD.

Incus is a fully fledged system container and virtual machine manager, capable of running either standalone on systems as small as single board computers, or scale up to hundreds of servers to run tens of thousands of instances. It supports advanced storage and networking options and can easily be managed through its command line, a variety of web UIs or its REST API.

In this presentation, we'll be going over a bit of the history of LXD and Incus, how it came to be, who's behind it, what state it's currently in and what to look forward to in the near future!


Photo of Stephane Graber Stephane Graber