Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


WebAssembly, WebComponents and media filters all at once: a proposal to open the Web to variety of formats

The recent re-architecture of GPAC yielded a simple and modular way to create dynamic media pipeline for almost all use cases related to media content handling. However, the project mainly targets statically-compiled platforms since it is written in C.

The Bevara open-source project encapsulates this new GPAC architecture into the WebAssembly and Webcomponents framework in order to extend its use to browsers. This combination allows dynamic support of formats which aren’t natively supported by browsers.

Our project delivers the script for integrating this new syntax in common HTML5 web pages, and additionally includes an SDK to generate new decode and playback filters and a visual studio code plugin that aids in determining the right combination of decoders for given file format. These tools leave enough room for inserting any combination of container, codec, or features in your websites to support legacy, current, or experimental media formats. This is suitable not only for novice website designers, but for professionals from the open-source community who want to ensure that content is easily accessible on all browsers.


Photo of Jerome Gorin Jerome Gorin