Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Embiggen the Box: Extending NetBox

Are you loving NetBox, the powerful source of truth for everything on your network, and wishing to customize it to meet your organization's unique needs? Join this beginner-level technical talk as we embark on a journey to demystify the why and how of NetBox extensions.

In Embiggen the Box: Extending NetBox, Jeff Gehlbach will guide you through the high points of extending NetBox to meet your specific requirements. The talk will cover essential topics for beginners including an overview of NetBox functionality, development environment basics, and determining whether your use case calls for a script, a plugin, a device type, or another kind of extension.

Key points:

  • Introduction
    • Brief Overview of NetBox capabilities and use cases
    • Importance of extensibility
  • Understanding NetBox extension mechanisms
    • Scripts
    • Plugins
    • Device Types
    • Other options
    • Evaluating a real-world example
  • Development environment basics
    • Virtual environment
    • Development server
    • Tips and tricks for debugging
  • Q&A session (5 min)
    • Open floor for questions


Photo of Jeff Gehlbach Jeff Gehlbach