Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Droidian - Bridging the gap between various platforms with convergence

Introduction to Droidian by Bardia Moshiri


In this presentation, Bardia, the current lead of the Droidian project, introduces the audience to Droidian, a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution designed specifically for mobile phones. The community is made up of FOSS and privacy enthusiasts dedicated to building an open and versatile system for smartphones.

Technical Aspects

  • Porting Process: Explains how Droidian is adapted to different mobile devices.
  • System Architecture: Discusses Droidian's unique approach to system design.
  • Components and Backends: Details various components used in Droidian, providing essential functionality.


  • System architecture: Showcase Droidian's system architecture
  • Phone customizations: Showcase our customized components to ease usability

Future Plans and Challenges

  • New features: Plans to add new features and make the system more user friendly
  • Optimizations and cleanups: Continuing effort to optimize and improve the stack
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Continual efforts to refine and improve Droidian.
  • Challenges: Acknowledge issues that are yet to be solved
  • App Development: Focuses on libadwaita and other essential apps.

Community Involvement

  • Call for Active Maintainers: Encouraging more contributors to join.
  • Userbase Expansion: Strategies to increase the number of Droidian users.
  • New Device Support: Ongoing efforts to make Droidian available on more devices.
  • Enhanced Documentation: Working on better documentation to aid users and developers.

Join the Droidian project to contribute to a future of open and privacy-respecting mobile systems!

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Bardia Moshiri