Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Nephio: A New Approach for Automating Telco Workloads

Kubernetes has evolved far beyond container orchestration and is now playing a significant role in automating telco workloads in a cloud-native manner at a large scale. In this session, we will demonstrate the innovative ways we harness Kubernetes to streamline telco operations. Throughout the presentation, we will introduce you to cutting-edge concepts, including configuration as data, kpt (Kubernetes Package Manager), krm functions, and more. These powerful tools and concepts are instrumental in effectively orchestrating telco workloads within a Kubernetes environment. Join us for an insightful journey where we showcase the seamless integration of Kubernetes with telco workloads and illustrate how these advanced techniques transform the way we manage and operate telecom services in the cloud-native landscape.


Photo of Wim Henderickx Wim Henderickx