Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Qadence - A library for Digital Analog Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is an exciting field of research that is in the process of growing out of academic labs and trickling into both public discourse and general use -- and before that, towards the use of researchers from other fields.

One of the main blockers is the difficult realisation of physical devices that permit such computing. Step by step, this blocker is being resolved and real quantum hardware becomes accessible to users through cloud services. Another is making the paradigm sufficiently accessible that users without expert knowledge of the underlying physics can consider developing algorithms that take advantage of quantum hardware.

Qadence ( is a recent open-source project designed to help users develop digital-analog quantum programs. It features tools both for designing such programs, visualizing them and simulating results before getting access to quantum hardware.

This presentation will talk you through the design, implementation and test of a simple algorithm using Qadence. It does not assume knowledge of quantum physics, quantum computing fundamentals, or the definition of digital-analog quantum computing. Some knowledge of Python will be helpful.


Photo of David David "Yoric" Teller