Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


vscode-container-wasm: An Extension of VSCode on Browser for Running Containers Within Your Browser

One of the limitations of on-browser VSCode is the lack of Linux-based terminals and containers running completely within the browser.

In this talk, Kohei will introduce an on-browser VSCode extension "vscode-container-wasm" which enables users to run Linux-based containers completely within the browser and interact with them via the terminals. This is implemented using "container2wasm" which is a container-to-wasm image converter that enables running Linux-based containers on Wasm runtimes and browsers, using Wasm-compiled CPU emulators (Bochs for x86_64 and TinyEMU for RISC-V). The talk will cover the overview of vscode-container-wasm and container2wasm, how they work, and their integration status with tools in the community.


Photo of Kohei Tokunaga Kohei Tokunaga