Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


The CarpentriesOffline: Teaching Foundational Data Science and Coding Skills with Little or no Internet Access

The Carpentries teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide using open source training materials. A typical workshop uses several online components: a website with course notes, an etherpad for shared notes, data downloads, Github repositories and frequently a Jupyter notebook or Rstudio server. One of the popular lessons is HPC Carpentry which covers an introduction to the Unix command line and using shared High Performance Computing systems.

CarpentriesOffline ( is an out of the box solution for running a Carpentries workshop from a single device such as a Raspberry Pi, old laptop or even a dedicated server. It is intended for use in environments where there is limited or no internet access. Everything needed to run the workshop including course notes, data files, software downloads, a Git server, etherpad and a Jupyter Hub server are provided by the CarpentriesOffline system. It can also provide a backup environment for those with better connectivity in the event of the Carpentries website, etherpad, GitHub etc suffering an outage.

We have also developed a miniature high performance computing system based around the Raspberry Pi and RockPi single board computers to allow participants to experience using a high performance computing system without having remote access to one.

This talk will describe:

The architecture of the CarpentriesOffline system
The build process that automates the creation of OS images in GitHub Actions
Ways to download and deploy it yourself
How to get involved with the project


Photo of Colin Sauze Colin Sauze
Photo of Jannetta Steyn Jannetta Steyn
Abhishek Dasgupta