Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Dora-rs: simplifying robotics stack for next gen robots

Dora-rs aims at making robotic fast and simple. Current robotic stack are often overly complex, and hard to integrate with latest technologies.

dora-rs is a dataflow framework that can be programmed with Rust/Python/C/C++, it supports: - zero-copy messaging using shared memory with apache arrow format. - manages logs metrics and tracing using opentelemetry. - provide a ROS2 bridge to support legacy software.

We hope to make robotic just work! In the same sense that Web Dev, Game Dev, or
Cloud development most of the time just work.

And with the avent of Large Language Model (LLM), we can implement whole new way to interact with robot like implementing new functionality in real time by natural language!



Photo of Tao xavier Tao xavier
Philipp Oppermann