Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


SCION, hitting the future Internet road: Next-generation Internet ecosystem and burgeoning opportunities

The Internet is witnessing the appearance of fundamental innovation at the network layer thanks to the real-world deployment of the SCION [1] next-generation Internet. SCION is a clean-slate, secure and robust Internet architecture, designed to provide route control, failure isolation, and explicit trust information for end-to-end communication. The SCION real-world deployment is rapidly expanding, pushed by several entities that have adopted SCION for their critical use cases.

This talk will be divided into two main parts. Firstly, we will present the latest status of SCION production deployments. One example is the SCION Education, Research and Academic Network (SCIERA) [2]. The SCIERA Network connects via native SCION (i.e., “BGP free”) 12 R&D institutions on 3 different continents (including the National University of Singapore, Princeton University, University of Virginia, among several others). The planned expansion will include several additional institutions, bringing native SCION connectivity to over 500,000 users by mid-2024.

Secondly, we will provide an up-to-date overview of the SCION AWESOME projects [3]. This curated list encompasses projects from various realms, e.g., Path-aware-networking API (in Golang and Java), Python and C/C++ bindings, applications using SCION, SCION network tools, SCION SEED emulator, among many others.

[1] SCION official site:

[2] SCIERA official documentation site:



Photo of Jordi Subirà Jordi Subirà
Tilmann Zäschke