Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


GnuCOBOL, the Free Industrial-ready Alternative for COBOL!

GnuCOBOL: Industrial Maturity and Competition with Proprietary Offerings

The GnuCOBOL project, as an open-source solution, has recently achieved industrial maturity, positioning itself as a serious contender against proprietary offerings. This presentation will explore the advancements and significant developments that have propelled GnuCOBOL to a level of stability, performance, and features that rival existing proprietary solutions. We will delve into the characteristics that have contributed to this maturity, highlighting the flexibility, reliability, and accessibility of the COBOL language in an open-source context. By showcasing real-world use cases and examples of success, we will demonstrate how GnuCOBOL meets industrial needs while providing a free and ethical alternative. This session is aimed at developers, open-source project contributors, and professionals looking to optimize their software infrastructure with cost-effective and high-performance solutions. Join us to discover how GnuCOBOL, with its industrial maturity, is emerging as a competitive option in the programming language landscape.


Photo of Fabrice LE FESSANT Fabrice LE FESSANT