Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Bridging Research and Open Source: the genesis of Gephi Lite

Gephi Lite, developed by OuestWare, is a web-based, streamlined version of the renowned graph visualization tool, Gephi. Aimed at porting its features into a web application while simplifying common use cases, this project was published in 2022 (

The genesis of Gephi Lite is routed into academia. Over the last decade, a succession of graph visualisation and manipulation prototypes emerged, each addressing specific research requirements. These academic prototypes, funded by various research projects, paved the way for the development of increasingly powerful low-level tools (sigma.js, graphology).

Gephi Lite emerges as the culmination of these efforts. This presentation explores the concise journey of how diverse research needs over the past 10 years converged into the development of Gephi Lite.


Photo of Paul Girard Paul Girard
Photo of Alexis Jacomy Alexis Jacomy
Photo of Benoit Simard Benoit Simard