Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Instant Ramen: Quick and easy multi-cluster Kubernetes development on your laptop

Kubernetes is increasingly being used for mission critical applications where uptime and data protection are of primary importance. Virtual machines run alongside containers thanks to the KubeVirt project. When disaster strikes one data center, you can recover by failing over to another data center. The RamenDR project handles data protection and orchestrates disaster recovery flows for containers and VMs alike. All of this is powered by open source projects and many contributors. But how can you develop and test a complex software stack that is designed to run on multiple racks of hardware in a data center?

In this talk we introduce a virtual machine disaster recovery software stack that runs on three Kubernetes clusters. We will demonstrate a disaster scenario using a tool, drenv, which can create a multi-cluster environment including Rook Ceph storage, KubeVirt, and RamenDR on your laptop with one simple command. Attend this talk if you: are interested in complex Kubernetes environments, want to learn how drenv can help your project, or if you like watching risky live demos at conferences.


Photo of Nir Soffer Nir Soffer
Photo of Adam Litke Adam Litke