Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


What is CI/CD observability, and how to bring observability to CI/CD pipelines?

A reliable CI/CD pipeline is the backbone of every modern project, yet there's limited visibility into its processes, often requiring manual review and analysis of build outputs. By leveraging OpenTelemetry standards we want to bring observability to our pipelines, making the software delivery process fully observable. Join our journey redefining CI/CD observability, learn how you can start implementing the techniques we are using at Grafana Labs to ensure our pipelines are more reliable and stay performant over time, how to identify flakiness, and how we envision a future where - no matter your system or your observability solution - by implementing OpenTelemetry in our CI/CD processes. This way, stakeholders gain a profound understanding of our software delivery pipeline, enabling them to acquire actionable insights into system performance, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions for continuous improvement. This heightened level of observability empowers teams to proactively enhance the efficiency, reliability, and overall quality of the software delivery process, fostering a more streamlined and adaptive development lifecycle


Photo of Dimitris Sotirakis Dimitris Sotirakis
Photo of Giordano Ricci Giordano Ricci