Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


FOSS for FOSS: DejaCode is your new FOSS control center for SBOMs

Open source code is the main concern for SBOMs. So, why are so many of the available solutions proprietary software or proprietary data?

Use DejaCode instead! DejaCode is a new open source tool to manage all your SBOMs in one place and ensure software supply chain integrity: - Export, import, merge, and combine SBOMs, with detailed attribution documentation and custom reports in multiple file formats and standards, like SPDX. - Apply usage policies and curated catalogs to enforce the consistent use of open source packages across teams and projects for licenses, provenance, and vulnerabilities. - Run reports and analytics with a consistent view of packages, licenses, and security risks across products.

In this talk, Philippe will discuss how DejaCode enables low-effort, low-friction open source compliance automation across teams with different mandates - all while using open source software.


Photo of Philippe Ombredanne Philippe Ombredanne