Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Web-accessibility for open-source privacy & security tools

This talk will share insights on interdisciplinary approaches for inclusive design that enhances the navigation capacity for people with disabilities. We explore disciplines that provide language support, privacy, data protection, security, and safety for the disability community. This talk relates to everyone involved in the design of digital technologies which includes standards, policies, applications, and more. Technology designers from different disciplines are increasingly confronted with the topic of accessibility for people with disabilities, yet are often unsure how to approach it. Sensitivities often prevent efficient interaction among designers from different disciplines. This workshop is open to all - designers, developers, digital rights activists, usability consultants, and accessibility consultants. One does not require specific expertise to participate. People with backgrounds in collecting feedback from users and open-source tool teams who have integrated and implemented usability and accessibility improvements based on user feedback are welcome.

The talk will share best practices and resources that comply with accessibility best practices and how one can achieve the desirable accessibility standard. The talk will also share the results or examples of feedback collected from people with disabilities, outlining specific gaps in the accessibility of current open-source tools such as BigBlueButton, Jitsi, RiseUp Pad, Crypto Pad, Tella, Destiny, CDR Link, CĂ­rculo, etc.

Participants will have a

Participants will also have a 1) Comprehensive understanding of the accessibility status of popular open-source tools by learning about the common accessibility myths.

2) Understand the dire need for adopting accessibility standards to foster digital inclusion for people with disabilities.

3) The socio-economic benefits of making privacy and security tools more accessible by incorporating principles of web-accessibility.


Photo of Raashi Saxena Raashi Saxena