Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Juggling with UIDs and GIDs: rootless container deployment with Ansible

This demo aims to share a convenient setup for maintaining a container environment using Podman and Ansible. The configuration is well-suited for home server applications as it enables the user to efficiently manage media files and execute sysadmin tasks without requiring root access. In particular, delegating the setup to a playbook that does not require root ensures that the system converges to the desired state without the need for a superuser. This short talk focuses on a common scenario where a rootless setup may require remapping UIDs and GIDs, which can be quite challenging to maintain over time. Due to the nature of these use cases, Ansible is frequently one of the best options for setting up, updating, and keeping a system up and running over time. Finally, this presentation covers other common needs of a container setup, such as the need to store secrets, manage services separated into logical units, and reproduce the setup on different systems.


Photo of Nicola Sella Nicola Sella