Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


PHAIDRA - A Repository Where Research Data Goes to Live (Not to Die).

Started by the University of Vienna Library Services in 2007, the PHAIDRA project builds on the popular FEDORA repository with a stack of additional open source tools and components aimed at delivering a more comprehensive toolset for building open, intuitive, self-service solutions for research data management, achieving FAIR data compliance, and promoting Open Access and Open Research. The simple objective was to make high quality data management easier for researchers.

This presentation will explore the real needs that researchers have from data management, before moving on to how the PHAIDRA project ( has been built to address these needs. We will look at the challenges and lessons (still being) learned after 15 years of running a collaborative project in the space and end with a vision of how open source, open standards and, above all, community offer the only workable solution for both Open Research and the long-term preservation of research data and digital assets.


Raman Ganguly