Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Open Food Facts : Acting on the health and environnemental impacts of the food system

Through open source and open data, Open Food Facts is transforming our food system! In this talk, we'll dive into how Open Food Facts is helping reshape the food system to reduce its impacts on health and the environment. We'll go through how Open Food Facts helps create a treasure trove of information, and turn it into actionable data for consumers, researchers and policy makers.

We'll show how we are mobilizing technology (mobile crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence and more classic tech) in the pursuit of food enlightment.

We will tell the story of Nutri-Score, and how the Open Food Facts community helped shape food policy, going from a digital deployment to real-life impact. We will also touch on the on-going projects with Eco-Score and Open Products Facts.

We'll explore how citizens and consumers are using this database to make smarter, healthier food choices, steering the food industry towards a more transparent and sustainable future.


Photo of Pierre Slamich Pierre Slamich