Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Unpack Phabricator, Welcome Phorge - Forking the Opinionated Open Source Project Manager

Phabricator® was the Libre and Open Source suite for Collaboration on Software Projects. Unfortunately it was discontinued in June 2021.

Sail for adventure through legacy, to community, and let's explore Phorge, that is, the fork of Phabricator.

Is Phorge adorable, beloved, superlative? Is Phorge opinionated, over-engineered, Libre and Open Source suite, for Collaboration on Software Projects? Is Phorge supporting Git, Subversion, Mercurial? Is Phorge supporting many components and 60+ shiny happy databases holding hands? is Phorge adopted by Wikimedia Foundation?

Join this session, and join a thrilling narrative started from a popular blue proprietary social network (Serious business), to a community loving software, Easter eggs and cowsay.

The talk is presented from (originally) a random casual Phorge contributor who becomed Maintainer to share this experience at FOSDEM, especially to newcomers and curious.

For hackers: bring your patch for a fast review.

For newcomers: bring your questions.


  • is Phorge good for my Organization?
  • differences between Phorge and GitLab, GitHub, Launchpad, Mantis, ...
  • what's new in Phorge (that is not in Phabricator)
  • practical workflows and pitfalls
  • how to join the Phorge community
  • how to propose code patches

All of this is possible only thanks to the original author of Phabricator: Evan Priestley, that always blesses our code. We will conclude with a thanksgiving to Evan (probably without Evan), a group photo (probably without Evan), and esoteric stickers.


  • - blessed committers
  • - installation tips
  •'s_Handbook - Administrator handbook

If you take Photos, please tag #Phorge in the Fediverse. Thank you!


Photo of Valerio Bozzolan Valerio Bozzolan