Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


The Regulators Are Coming: One Year On

At FOSDEM 2023 we heard directly from the authors of The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and the Product Liability Directive (PLD) about the care they were taking to avoid harm to free and open source software developers. During the year, these legislators received a great deal of help from experts across the communities to make that (even more) true! Now both instruments are in their final state, we can learn lessons how to engage over the next wave.

In this session we will hear an update from the authors of the legislation on how they see the last year with CRA and PLD, and insights from the open source community members who engaged to change it. We will explore how easy it is to engage with legislators over policy that will affect open source projects, and hopefully have an opportunity for audience feedback. If this session leaves you with questions, or you want to contribute yourself, come to the unique "policy hackfest" Devroom on Sunday, "Open Source In The European Legislative Landscape".


Photo of Simon Phipps Simon Phipps
Photo of Enzo Ribagnac Enzo Ribagnac
Photo of Gaël Blondelle Gaël Blondelle
Photo of Benjamin Bögel Benjamin Bögel
Photo of Omar Ennaji Omar Ennaji