Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Collaborative government websites standardization for digital sovereignty using Open-Source. The model of Rwanda and the GovStack Global initiative

In 2018, Rwanda engaged in standardizing all the websites of the public institutions starting with the government, using a community-based CMS, TYPO3. Following a comprehensive approach for the first time attempted in a developing country, it relied on local technical capacity to achieve digital sovereignty and to provide sustainable new jobs and opportunities for Rwandan web developers. The model is now taken forward by the GovStack Global initiative created by ITU and GIZ, which is proposing to create a global open standard and a methodology for the strategic adoption of open source CMS technologies in the public sector all over the world. This project is designed as a collaborative effort, open to volunteer participation from open source CMS communities that are interested to contribute.


Photo of Daniel Homorodean Daniel Homorodean