Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


A framework for RISC-V SBI verification and ISA extension validation

kvm-unit-tests is a test framework which, as the name suggests, targets the Kernel-based Virtual Machine, but the targets for kvm-unit-tests have outgrown the framework's name over the years. What was originally a test framework for x86 KVM is now a test framework which can test KVM for five different architectures and bare-metal for two (and soon to be three). RISC-V support for kvm-unit-tests has recently been merged and its ability to run from EFI supporting bootloaders will be merged soon. Since RISC-V is new to kvm-unit-tests, actual tests are missing, but it's expected that SBI tests will be getting added soon as kvm-unit-tests will be used for the SBI verification framework. Furthermore, as QEMU is a popular platform for RISC-V developers, RISC-V kvm-unit-tests can already be used for TCG validation tests. When the EFI support is merged, kvm-unit-tests will be able to do CPU validation as well, allowing tests to be run on both TCG and real hardware, possibly exposing that one or both are broken. We introduce RISC-V kvm-unit-tests and demonstrate a few tests in the hopes we'll encourage developers to write and post tests as SBI and ISA extensions evolve.


Photo of Andrew Jones Andrew Jones