Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024



Photo of Loic HAMELIN

Program Manager OSRD (Open-Source Railway Designer), DGEX (SNCF RESEAU) since January 2021

Implementing the project, from its starts (in my previous position) to industrial development, building a team of forty people and implementing agility at scale (SAFe framework). Design and development of the first open-source rail tool for auditable, transparent and capitalizable studies, Creation of an open- source foundation in partnership with UIC, DB and SBB: OSRD pioneer of open source in the rail sector, Creation of an international standard for running time calculation (ISO). Launch of the open data initiative for a common standard repository. Realization of a project I've been working on for 15 years, paving the way for the modernization of rail system operations through simulations.

Head of the Operations Studies Department,

DGEX (SNCF RESEAU), July 2018 to January 2021 Creation of the pole, organization and management of the 20-person team, to guarantee the operating performance of rail projects, Creation and leadership of the operating community, to standardize practices, both internally at SNCF and with supplier design offices. Management of operating studies for the Grande Vitesse Sud Est and Marseille-Ventimiglia High-Performance projects, from a systems viewpoint (line/station, integration of new ATO and ERTMS signaling systems, etc.), Design of an open-source, open-data study tool. Following the COMEX presentation, I was mandated to create the operating studies division, the business line and develop the operating studies tool.

Optimization Project Manager (SNCF RESEAU, DG IDF), April 2016 to July 2018

Design and development of optimization tools to initiate the decision-support tools period, which led to savings of up to €8M: - HERMES tool: optimization of rolling stock bearings (line C, Fret SNCF, THALYS, KEOLIS), - HERCULE tool: optimization of work scheduling (distribution of LTV for limited impact on traffic). Confronting experience with a spirit of innovation, focused on the creation of optimization tools.

Operations Project Manager at SYSTRA

(SNCF group subsidiary), April 2012 to March 2016 Design of operating systems (infrastructure diagram, organization of rail services, freight and passenger services, national & international) Consolidation of my system vision outside the SNCF and internationally to better question our practices

Manager of train driver teams

(SNCF TRANSILIEN), July 2007 to March 2012 Manager of 3 teams (100 drivers) & responsible for the Versailles Chantiers residence (2009-2012), Manager of a team (40 drivers) & responsible for the Juvisy residence (2007- 2009). Hierarchical operational management experience

Training leave September 2005 to June 2007 Development of my theoretical and numerical skills

Train driver and resources manager on RER line C, January 1999 to Sept 2005

Operation of freight, passenger, commuter and work trains Operational management of 200 drivers Operational experience and first management experience


Title Day Room Track Start End
Opening Railways and Open Transport devroom
Saturday K.4.401 Railways and Open Transport devroom 10:30 10:35
Closing Railways and Open Transport devroom
Saturday K.4.401 Railways and Open Transport devroom 14:25 14:30
Open Source Railway Designer (OSRD): why SNCF Réseau start an open source project ?
Saturday AW1.120 Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom 18:30 19:00