Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Hannah Aubry

Photo of Hannah Aubry

Hannah Aubry is an open source community advocate who believes in building safe systems and spaces that spark collaboration and kindness. She leads Fast Forward, Fastly's $50 million commitment to support the open internet through open source projects like Scratch Foundation, Kubernetes, Mastodon, and Rust. She serves as an organizer for the CHIditarod, a nonprofit fighting food scarcity in Chicago. Previously, she was the study coordinator of the world’s largest multiteam system study at the Science of Networks in Communities (S.O.N.I.C.) Research Group, and has built inclusive communities with people ranging from neuroscientists to dietitians.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Learning from disaster response teams to save the internet
Saturday Janson Main Track - Janson 18:00 18:25