Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Erik Borra

Photo of Erik Borra

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, I specialize in the intersecting fields of Artificial Intelligence, Platform Studies, and Journalism. I hold an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval, a PhD evaluating the use of platform data for SSH research and introducing new digital research tools in the humanities and social sciences, and am a key contributor to the MA Journalism program.

For over a decade I served as the technical director of the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI), one of Europe’s leading schools for internet studies, where I was also a founding member. I thus had the opportunity to (help) design and implement of dozens of tools to gather, analyze and visualize web data, such as the Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset (DMI-TCAT), Contropedia, Political Search Trends, the Lippmannian Device, and Prompt Compass.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Prompt Compass: A Methodological Approach to Evaluating the Use of Large Language Models in SSH research
Saturday UB4.132 Open Research devroom 11:30 11:45