Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


James Lowden

Photo of James Lowden

James fell into programming accidentally when the bank he was working for installed an IBM PC with two floppy drives and 512 KB of RAM on the desk behind him, and told him to learn to use it. Thus began 35 years of programming on Wall Street, eventually in quantitative research.

In time, though, interest in theory outgrew interest in interest.

Today, James works full-time for Cobolworx, whose world-domination scheme is to run 1970s software on 21st century hardware, wherever there is Linux. For the last two years, 11 months at a time, James has been part of a small team working night and day to develop a COBOL front end for GCC.

And the 12th month? James lives in coastal Maine, in northeast corner of the United States. The 12th month is August, and it's spent sailing with his wife and dog and, sometimes, friends.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Yacking about Bison
Sunday K.4.201 GCC devroom 11:20 11:40