Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Aleksei Ushakov

Photo of Aleksei Ushakov

Aleksei Ushakov is a Team Lead at JetBrains. His software development interests are in graphics, compilers, programming, and software development leadership.

Aleksei is a previous member of the Java 2D team at Sun Microsystems and a committer to the OpenJDK project. He has adopted LittleCMS as the open-source color management engine for OpenJDK as part of Sun's effort to provide open-source replacements for proprietary code. Also, he is a major contributor to JEP 382 (New macOS Rendering Pipeline). Currently, Aleksei is participating in the OpenJDK Wakefield project working on a pure Wayland-based toolkit for AWT.


Title Day Room Track Start End
OpenJDK Project Wakefield : The Wayland Desktop for JDK on Linux
Saturday UB5.132 Free Java devroom 15:20 15:45