Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann

Photo of Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann

After 8 years of consulting in IT companies and 9 years of freelancing, Tanguy went through a bunch of projects, domains and stacks.
Specializing in Go for the last 9 years allowed him to touch even more domains and technologies (cloud, blockchain, devops) and dig in Go deeper. Nowadays, he's a Senior Software Engineer at Tuxago⧓ where he helps his clients get the best out of Go, through consulting or training.

On his free time, he loves dancing, walking in nature, and play games with family and friends.


Title Day Room Track Start End
REST in Peace: using generics to remove REST boilerplate
Saturday UD2.218A Go devroom 15:30 16:00