Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo

Photo of Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo

Miguel started his early career working on (embedded access control systems, developing hardware and firmware. Later on, he joined a company that was acquired by INDRA; at that time, he worked developing a fleet manager for secure Linux-based phones, among other products.

Then he spent 10 years working on his own consulting firm, NBEE Embedded Systems SL, where he developed hardware and software and helped mass produce devices for dozens of customers; it was at that time that he became a contributor to the KiCad Project for a couple of years, where he contributed the initial Python scripting support, which has been nurtured and grown by the KiCad community in marvelous ways.

Today, Miguel Ángel is working at Red Hat, where he initially focused on Linux-related Network products, like OpenStack Neutron, OVN, OpenvSwitch, etc. In the last few years, he joined the Emerging Technologies group, where he works at the Office of the CTO, on the Edge working group. He helped raise MicroShift and has been working on a diverse set of issues related to Edge, including peripheral Firmware management via fwupd. Very recently started he contributing to Edge fleet management and the enablement of Hardware in the Loop through the Jumpstarter project.

Miguel loves electronics and software design, but above it all, opensource, an amazing concept that helps our designs resonate, survive us, and help others.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Jumpstarter: Open Hardware In The Loop for everybody
Sunday H.1308 (Rolin) Open Hardware and CAD/CAM devroom 14:50 15:20