Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Jonathan McHugh

Jonathan McHugh [JM] (aka indieterminacy) is a highly active collaborator in numerous fediverse; decentralized; and minimalist-computing developer communities. This ranges from social-coding; alignment of fediverse tooling best practices; and the evolution of moderation in the fediverse. JM has a strong overview of the tradeoffs and practical limitations of both the coding and the communities that supports and advances the fediverse's capabilities.

A recent example of his activities includes volunteering on behalf of SocialHub as part of it's workshop on ActivityPub duing NGIForum 2023.

JM is responsible for the (NLNet Discovery funded) Icebreaker project (which provides building blocks for Fediraven). He has spoken at numerous conferences in line with this activity (Fosdem [2022,2023]; Guix Paris [2022]; Newline [2022]; Software Freedom Day [2021,2022].


Title Day Room Track Start End
For Want of Anneal: Examining The Unseen Changes Concerning Changes To VCS Assets and The Need For More Graph Centric Approaches
Sunday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom 10:00 10:20