Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Umair Shahid

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I am a 20-year PostgreSQL veteran with extensive experience in solving real-world database problems. My commercial experience spans over two decades of professional services and product development in the PostgreSQL ecosystem. Being a recognized expert in PostgreSQL, I am a blogger and a regular speaker at conferences globally. I am the founder of Stormatics - a professional services company with a mission to help businesses use PostgreSQL reliably for their critical data workloads. My previous experience with commercial PostgreSQL consists of roles in major pure-play PostgreSQL organizations like EDB, 2ndQuadrant, OpenSCG, & Percona.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Clustering in PostgreSQL: Because one database server is never enough (and neither is two)
Sunday UD2.120 (Chavanne) PostgreSQL devroom 12:00 12:50