Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Danielle Kurtin

Photo of Danielle Kurtin

I am a postdoctoral researcher investigating context-dependent reconfigurations in brain state topology and dynamics, predominantly using fMRI, dynamical systems theory, and information theoretic metrics. I am interested as to how differences in brain state dynamics underpin cognition, disease states (particularly conditions characterised by disrupted network flexibility, such as substance use disorder, major depression disorder, etc), and the effects of noninvasive brain stimulation (especially Temporal Interference stimulation). I also enjoy my leadership and art activities, such my membership on the UniArk board of directors, co-founding the Mini Hack Collection on F1000 Research, collaborating on the Adapt To Postgrad course at Imperial, and more!


Title Day Room Track Start End
From Grassroots to Standard Practice: how an Open Science society shaped university initiatives
Saturday UB4.132 Open Research devroom 12:30 12:45
Open Neuroscience: practical suggestions for conducting open neuroscience research
Saturday UB4.132 Open Research devroom 18:00 18:30